Before and After

As an interior designer you often come across small scale projects. Many designers have certain criteria's of what they will take on. My motto as a business owner, "no project is to small." So back to my story, a few years ago I got a call from this client who only needed help with paint colors for her home. She was having a hard time finding a designer who would help her with this "small project." I LOVE colors and met with her a week later. To make a long story short...It's been a year and half and we still work together! The pictures below are from another project in her home. They are before and afters of her dining room. If you like this transformation, wait until you see the library!

                                                                      Before: View 1

                                                                      After: View 1
                                                                      Before: View 2
                                           After: View 2

Color: Since the concept was literally a "ghost" chandelier, I had to be cautious on color. This room had to "pop" and since their was a restriction on the color palette, I needed texture and that's what I found with this wall covering. It's a velvet flocked wall covering by Candice Olson which I purchased through York. Even if your limited with colors you can make a perfect substitute utilizing texture. Don't be afraid of it..embrace it! My goal is always to design a room that's visually appealing and adds interest.

Concept: Not to obvious here... The "ghost" chandelier. This is the first thing I noticed when I walked in the space and wanted to design around it. I knew the elements added to this room had to work to enhance the chandelier and not hide it.

Theory: When having dinner parties we wanted to have a space dedicated for special occasions. Many times when your at a dinner party you feel as though your still part of the rest of the house. In this dining room you don't. Developing a space that would be unique, yet not over the top, takes careful planning. This was achieved by placing shadow box molding on the lower portion of the wall and textured wall covering on the upper portion, topped with crown molding. It adds more depth and interest to the room without overwhelming it with to much texture.

In addition, we added furniture pieces to embrace the room and oversized mirrors to enhance the space.

Not only was this one of my all time favorite projects...this is one of my all time favorite clients! And to think it all started with “just” choosing paint colors...