Sunday, January 20, 2013

Color of the year is.....

EMERALD...... is the universal healing color.  The ancient Egyptians used the color for both physical and spiritual healing.  Since green is in the middle of the color spectrum it has been known for centuries as an even balance in harmony both physically and spiritually.

Did you ever notice surgeons wear green? The reason is a surgeon becomes desensitized seeing the color red for a long period of time and makes it harder to see the human body.  If his surgical team wore white the surgeon would see green blurs as he shifts his line of sight to white backgrounds. By looking at the color green it quickly recovers the vision and helps a surgeon see the different variations of red for the duration of the operation.

Green is known for stimulating the heart and effects blood pressure. It's a direct link to nature which promotes inner peace, prosperity, comfort, calmness and avoidance to conflict.  I'd say it's a perfect color for 2013!

The emerald has an interesting history as well and is linked again, back to the Egyptians.  They were first found near the Red Sea in Egypt and exploited by the pharaohs in 'Cleopatra's Mines' back in 1500 B.C.  Emeralds were worn by the Egyptians for life, beauty and love.  They have been thought to have a healing property and promote good luck.  A fine emerald is more valuable then diamonds.

Here's to a healthy, comfortable, peaceful and of course lucky 2013!

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